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Collection: JRW Design Co: Main Street Bakery Signs

Main Street Bakery Sign Collection

One of our all time favorite signs are our Main Street Bakery. Coffee never tastes as good as walking own Main Street U.S.A toward the Castle. When we first started focusing 100% on magical home decor, a Bakery sign like ours did not exist. It was one of the first 3 designs we came up with. To this day we're still having fun making them and sharing them with you.

Throughout the year we offer a variety of our Bakery sign. Typically during each shop opening we offer about 4 different types. Below we outline when certain Bakery signs come available. 

Don't see a color option that you think would be a hit? Email Justin@jrwd.co to let us know.

 Year Round

  • Main Street Bakery - Iced Coffee
  • Main Street Bakery - Black & White
  • Main Street Bakery (Original) 


  • Valentine's Day Bakery Sign
  • February - March
  • Easter Main Street Bakery Sign

July - August

  • Fall Main Street Bakery
  • Fall Main Street Bakery | Black Background

Christmas In July & October - December

  • Christmas Main Street Bakery
  • Red Christmas Main Street Bakery